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Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Memorable: Simple Tips That Work

May 26, 2023


PowerPoint presentations have become ubiquitous in the business world. From board meetings to college lectures and everything in between, you can hardly make it through a week without having to put together a PowerPoint presentation. But, as we know, simply putting together slides and adding bulleted points don't guarantee a memorable and effective presentation. Rather, it takes careful consideration of your audience, message and the visual aids you use to deliver the message. In this blog post, we’ll share three simple tips you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations much more memorable.

Tip #1: Why You Should Never Use Long and Bulky Text:

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing PowerPoint presentations, is including long and bulky text. While it might seem like a good idea to cram as much information as possible on each slide, this can actually be counterintuitive. When your audience has to spend valuable time trying to read your text, they disengage from your presentation and miss the details. Instead, it is far more effective to limit the amount of text you include on each slide. Highlight the key points or summary, and use images to enhance the text. Remember, your text should serve as a guide, not the sole focus of your presentation.

Tip #2: Why You Should Not Read Off the Slides Verbatim:

Another common mistake presenters often make is reading off the slides verbatim. Reading the slides word-for-word creates a bore and induces your audience to disengage. Instead, take the time to practice and internalize your presentation, by going through your slides, getting comfortable with your talk-track, and modifying or deleting slides as necessary.

Tip #3: Why Visuals Are Important During Your Presentation:

Visual aids, such as videos and images, enhance your audience's ability to remember your content. When used properly, visuals give your audience a mental break, invoke emotion, and provide a clear visualization of concepts which might otherwise come across as bland or confusing. Here are a few giving examples of visuals you can use to spice up your PowerPoint presentation:

• Gifs that illustrate your point
• Images that showcase broad themes or emotions
• Videos that share a narrative
• Memes that add humor


In conclusion, effective PowerPoint presentations are powerful tools, which when used properly can enhance your message, connect with your audience, and lead to positive outcomes. While there are many techniques to create memorable PowerPoint presentations, the three tips provided above are a great starting point. Use them and adapt them to your style, to give your presentations a seamless and successful finish. And if you're keen to take things a step further, sign up for our public speaking training course, ACE Your Public Speaking, which includes comprehensive modules on PowerPoint best practices, along with other essential public speaking tips. It's available on my website, for a limited time at a discounted rate. Enroll now, and take the first step to becoming a confident and engaging public speaker!


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