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The Power of Being Personal in Public Speaking

Apr 28, 2023



The stage is set, the microphone is ready, and your audience is waiting. You've worked tirelessly to craft the perfect presentation or speech, but you still find yourself struggling to keep your audience engaged. The secret to captivating your audience lies in one simple skill - making it personal. Authenticity and relatability have proven to be vital in delivering a successful presentation or speech. In this blog post, we will discuss why it's important to make your presentations more personal, and how it can help you ACE your public speaking.

1. Being Personal Makes You More Relatable
The quickest way to lose your audience's attention is to fail to relate to them. When you share personal stories or experiences, you create an instant connection with your audience. For example, if you're speaking about the importance of time management, your audience may not be too interested. However, if you begin by sharing a personal story about how you struggled with time management, and how it affected your work, your audience can quickly connect and feel understood.


2. Your Speech Will Be More Memorable
Doing research and providing data-driven facts is a great tool in public speaking, but it's not enough. Human beings are more likely to remember stories over facts. When you share personal stories, you give your audience a powerful takeaway that they can remember long after your speech is over. Using personal stories in your speaking engagements will give your audience a mental image to associate with your message.


3. It Will Allow The Audience To Be More Engaged
It's easy for an audience to be passive, but when you make your speeches or presentations personal, you give the audience an opportunity to engage. When you include anecdotes, share personal experiences, or even ask for anecdotes from the audience, you create a two-way conversation. Engaging your audience is vital, and interactive speeches and presentations tend to have better results.


To ACE your public speaking, remember to make it personal. Authenticity and relatability can make or break your presentation or speech. Your audience is human, and humans remember stories, not data. Authenticity is key in building trust with your audience, and relatability is vital in engaging them. Sign up for my training course called ACE Your Public Speaking on my website for a limited time offer. It's time to master the art of public speaking with authenticity and create relatable content that your audience can connect with.



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