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5 Simple Tips to Help You Become a Stronger Speaker

Mar 22, 2023

Introduction: Are you someone who is looking to become a better public speaker? If so, you’re not alone. Whether it be for professional or personal reasons, many people look to improve their public speaking abilities. Public speaking can be intimidating, but there are several simple tips and techniques that can help you become a stronger speaker. Let’s take a look at five of these tips.


1. Speak Slower: One of the quickest ways to improve your public speaking is by simply slowing down your rate of speech. This allows you to take pauses in between sentences and words, which will give your audience time to digest what you have just said. It also prevents you from rushing through your content or skipping over important points entirely. When practicing your speech, make sure to read it out loud while counting the seconds between each line – this will help ensure that you don’t rush through anything during an actual presentation.


2. Breathing Techniques: Being able to control your breath is essential when it comes to public speaking. Taking deep breaths before and after each sentence helps keep you calm and focused on what you are saying instead of getting overwhelmed by nerves. Additionally, breathing exercises can help maintain the rhythm of your speech by allowing for natural pauses between sentences or points in your presentation.


3. Open Your Mouth Wider: Another way to strengthen your public speaking skills is by opening up your mouth wider when enunciating words or phrases. This helps ensure that all members of the audience can properly hear what you are saying and makes it easier for them to follow along with what points you are making in your speech. Additionally, this technique ensures that every word in your presentation will be understood regardless of how far away someone may be sitting from where you are presenting from.  


4. Practice Makes Perfect: The cliché holds true – practice indeed does make perfect! Make sure that before any big presentations, speeches, or interviews that you practice beforehand as much as possible so that everything runs smoothly on the day-of without any hiccups or stumbles over words or phrases due to lack of preparation . Practice also gives you an opportunity to become more familiar with the material presented in order for it flow more naturally instead of feeling robotic while delivering it on stage or screen .


5. Challenge Yourself To Put Yourself Out There: Lastly – step out of your comfort zone! While being nervous before a big event is common, don't let this stop you from putting yourself out there and taking full advantage of any opportunity given towards improving both yourself and those around you by giving a memorable & impactful presentation!


Conclusion: Becoming a better public speaker doesn't have to be overly complicated - even small changes such as slowing down the rate at which one speaks, breathing techniques, widening one's mouth when enunciating words/phrases , practicing presentations beforehand , and challenging oneself can go a long way towards improving one's overall public speaking ability.. By following these simple tips & techniques, anyone can become a stronger speaker and ultimately make an invaluable impact within their professional lives!



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