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Make Your Speech Powerful By Determining Your Personal Story

Aug 18, 2023


Have you ever attended a presentation or speech that left you feeling uninterested and disconnected? Chances are, the speaker failed to effectively convey their message or personal story. Your personal story is what makes you unique, and it has the ability to make your speech unforgettable. In this post, we’ll be discussing three tips on how to determine your personal story and make your speech powerful.


Tip 1. Highlight the adversities you faced:

One of the most crucial elements of your personal story is highlighting the adversities that you faced. This is important because it makes your story relatable. Whether it's a family illness that left you feeling helpless or an event in your life that made you realize what was truly important, highlighting these moments will give people insight into who you are as a person and what motivates you. These adversities are what make your story powerful and will capture the attention of your audience.


Tip 2. Make sure your story is relevant to your speech or presentation:

Your personal story should connect to the topic of your presentation or speech. It should not be something that is irrelevant to your message. People want to know why they should listen to you, and if your story is off-topic, they may lose interest and start to tune out. By making sure your personal story is relevant to your presentation or speech, your audience will see the importance of the topic and connect to it on an emotional level.


Tip 3. Your story doesn't have to be dramatic for it to be powerful:

When it comes to personal stories, many people think that the more dramatic the story, the more powerful it will be. This is not always the case. Even if there isn't any drama involved, there are plenty of ways for a personal anecdote or experience to be related back to an idea or lesson learned from your experience. These life lessons and experiences can be just as powerful and impactful as a dramatic personal story.


Additional Tip: Consider public speaking courses and a Public speaking coach:

If you really want to unlock your full potential as a public speaker, consider taking public speaking courses and working with a public speaking coach. Public speaking courses can give you the tools and skill-set to create an impactful presentation or speech, while a public speaking coach can provide personalized feedback and guidance that can help take your speaking game to the next level.



In conclusion, your personal story is what makes you unique, and it has the ability to make your speech unforgettable. By highlighting the adversities you faced, making sure your story is relevant to your presentation or speech, and understanding that your story doesn’t have to be dramatic for it to be powerful, you can create a memorable and impactful presentation or speech. Remember, always keep your audience in mind and connect with them on an emotional level. If you’re serious about improving your public speaking skills, consider taking courses and working with a coach to unlock your full potential. Join my public speaking and presentation master class ACE Your Public Speaking and visit my website at to learn more about how you can become a better public speaker today.



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